• Handheld label printer

    Handheld label printer

    label Printer GT1000

    Office work, home storage , organization and petty bourgeoisie life

  • Waterproof Breathable Membranes

    Waterproof Breathable Membranes

    ePTFE membranes and laminates

    We can work with you to provide customized solutions specially for your clients.

  • Precision die cutting

    Precision die cutting

    Die - cutting label,high - temperature screen printing

    Certification of printing technology and material technology. For many of the world's top 500 enterprises to provide supporting supplies.

VariCut idea

Excellence in continuous innovation

VariCut purpose

Production has its own characteristics of the product

VariCut values

Diligence, honesty, unity, self-reliance, customer focus, continuous learning

VariCut personality

Have a sense of mission, enthusiasm for help, full of hope, scientific rationality

Welcome to Varicut (Jiangsu) Smart Technology Co.,Ltd.

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